Monday, May 2, 2011

Congratulations America

     Osama Bin Laden is dead, so lets jump around in the streets, and make complete asses of ourselves.  We might not want to forget that he was one man, one part of a plan that took dozens more.

     Let us jump around in the streets inciting more anger, and looking the fool.  Reinforcing their belief of our arrogant nature.  And please let us thank the agencies that took place in his killing, creating a martyr that can never be killed.

     Let us jump up and down in the streets celebrating our idiocy.  Please celebrate the new leader that wants to kill us empowered with our images of complete celebration over the death of another person in this war. Empowered  now with the idea of avenging Osama Bin Laden, and stopping our arrogance.

     I choose not to do these things but rather chastise our government for not capturing this man, showing our courage to try him in international courts for crimes against the world.  Allowing his countrymen to realize the vigor in which we as a world will stand together against terrorism.

     I choose to silently pray for the families that he has hurt, hoping that in this they may find some closure but more importantly I will take the time today to remember those that were lost on September 11th.  I will hope they are at peace and doing the celebrating for me because in all of this death and hatred for each other it is hard to smile.

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