Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Racism is a mental disease!


and for those who did not hear me, BULLSHIT

     Aren't we all tired of nothing is anyone’s fault anymore.  Little Johnny doesn't mean to be rude; he was just raised that way.

     Racism is a Mental Disease?,  really maybe it is just some cold we caught while walking the dog, Damn its cold out there I think I may be coming down with a touch of Racism?

    This rain is a killer, I think I might be getting a little pedophilia.  Honestly officer I did not mean to put my penis there I just forgot to take my antibiotics today?

     People every day make decisions right and wrong, and we over think the causes.  Maybe he is a racist becuase he is ignorant, or flat out stupid, being the optimist that I am I will go with ignorant

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