Sunday, April 17, 2011

School Lunches

     Recently I have heard people debating school lunches.  Not having heard any of the facts or the arguments here is my opinion.

     Pack your kid a lunch.  It is bad enough that I without any children am robbed of my money to give to the schools.  School taxes should be limited to those whom have chosen to have children.  Please don't shoot the argument down my throat that "it benefits everyone to have smarter children", smarter children are made at home not in schools.  Democrats are made in schools.

     Empty out the soup kitchen, sell the very expensive equipment, eliminate the daily along with legacy costs of Flo, the lunch lady and all of her broom riding mop pushing minions. Use the damn money generated there to hire another teacher (baby sitter) and use the space to help with class room overcrowding,

     There are already laws in place that say parents have to feed the children.  There are already social programs that provide food for the needy.  When they are old enough they can pack the lunch for themselves until then, either have the old enough child do it or get up in the morning and ensure it happens.

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  1. I am not Flo, but I am a lunch lady. A lunch lady that packs her kids lunches cause I won't feed them the crap we produce. I do the job for extra money while my kids are at school (although the money totally sucks for the BS I deal with). Unfortunately most of the lunches we serve go to the kids that qualify for free lunch, paid for by the government (better know as our taxes) cause their parents are too busy spending their EBT cards to buy booze and cigarettes. It is a total joke but at least working there gets me some of my tax money back which the government then takes again out of my check. WTF am I doing?