Monday, April 25, 2011

Missed Ideas

     Companies today are always looking for different market to which to sell their wares, here are some markets I thinks were left out.  More to come in the future;

For the Necropheliac.

     KY warming jelly.  Designed for couples originally.  It is an aid to help arousal and further stimulate intimate moments.   The Necropheliac has not been addresed in the marketing.  I beleive this niche could have expanded their profits.  The slogan should go something like this... "KY Warming Jelly, all of the warmth and lubrication of the living with out the bitching"

Total Male Enhancement

     Sometimes different companies should get together.  Take for example Rogaine and Viagra or any of the sort.

     One pill can cure E.D. along with grow your hair.  How great would that be.  Of course who would be a better person to be the face for such a thing:

     Looks like he has already been taking it for years!

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